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I’m not sure how you found me but thank you for taking time out of your day to read this page.

Originally, I signed up to Substack so that I could send out a weekly newsletter but it’s turned into something more akin to a blog where I now produce most of my online content. It is, quite literally, a labour love.

I describe myself as a teacher, writer and lawyer. I’m not sure if that’s apt to describe 55 years of living with me. Someone once called me a good bloke. Perhaps that’s more apt but right now, and for quite some time, I’ve been writing about our true nature and investigating whether life’s aims reflect life’s games. Too often, or at least it’s my experience, we end up playing a series of games that denude us of soul and that means taking us further and further away from who or what we are.

I’ve written a lot on the subject and spoken often about investigating the dominant cultural narrative and whether, if we’re not careful, the things we own end up owning us — including our jobs where money becomes the only reason we do what we do.

My style, such as it is, is very light on exhortation but heavy on asking a more beautiful question; or to question the question that’s been running your life up to this point.

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Emptiness is form; Form is emptiness.


Julian Summerhayes

Emptiness is form Form is emptiness